WonderWoofs is partnering with Gotcha! Photo Studio to help get dogs adopted and into their forever homes.  We know that sometimes the transition from a shelter to a home can be a rocky one, so we are here to help!

Dogs end up in shelters and for a few basic reasons:

-They are found as strays, abandoned by their families.

-They are surrendered as the family has found that they are no longer able to care properly for their pet.

-They are injured or ill and the family can not afford to treat the animal properly.

-They have behavioural issues and are either abandoned as strays or surrendered to the shelter.

Any and all of these circumstances can elevate behavioural issues, as dogs in any of these situations are under a great deal of stress.  Life in a noisy shelter can also bring out some negative behaviour in once well-behaved dogs.

We are here to help you!

If you adopted a dog that Gotcha! Photo Studio has photographed, WonderWoofs is happy to provide you with telephone or email consultations free of charge to discuss any difficulties you may be having with your new family member.  We want to help keep these dogs in their adoptive homes and help stop the cycle of dogs being returned to the shelter.

WonderWoofs will also meet with you and your dog if further help is required.  (within the Newmarket/Aurora/Richmond Hill area) (a small fee may apply to cover travel expenses, 1 x one hour session)

We are so thrilled that you chose to rescue a dog, and want you to enjoy your new family member to the fullest!

Please email us for more information!